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The Michael Ackerman Masterclass provides photo enthusiasts with the opportunity to receive an in-depth portfolio review, along with editing tips and guidance for developing their own photographic work.
After the in-person workshop on Sunday, May 12th, participants will get a personal online follow-up session with Michael Ackerman a few weeks later. The online meeting will focus on each participant’s individual assignment.
On Sunday, if time permits, Michael Ackerman will also delve into his own work and approach, showcasing some of his book projects and discussing personal work not included in the main conference held on Saturday during the festival.

« In my workshops I see each person as uniquely individual and I try to understand your vision and the particular meaning of your work. I will review, discuss and edit your projects, both one on one and as a group. I will give each person an assignment based on the work already done and suggest experiments with new directions.
The workshop is open to anyone, regardless of your level of experience so far, who is working with photography in a personal way. This means using photography to explore the world you live in and your place in it. To explore your interests, your concerns, your obsessions. What is important is an openness, a curiosity, a hunger to learn and a need to go deeper. You can work towards an exhibition, a book, a multimedia presentation. This will depend on your goals and what is the right form for you. » (Michael Ackerman)

For the individual portfolio reviews, students should print their portfolio (unless they have a multi media presentation). They should bring more rather than less and especially work that they have questions about and would like to improve.
Event Details
1 day & follow-up
Sun 12.05. from 10:00 to 19:00

Individual online follow-up sessions will be scheduled on Sunday 12.05.
Rotondes, Black Box
220 € (adults) | 150 € (students)
Social Media
not suitable with wheelchairs
a lot of walking possible
outdoors - dress appropriately
chairs available - seated event