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This year's beginner workshop, guided by Eric Engel and Olivier Remera, will delve into the theoretical and practical aspects of street photography over the course of two days..

Part 1:

The workshop kicks off with an introductory session featuring coffee and croissants. Eric Engel and Olivier Remera will elucidate key concepts, followed by a brief but focused shooting session in and around Luxembourg-Gare and Luxembourg City Centre.

1. Unveiling the essence of street photography: presentation of basic concepts and techniques.
2. Live shooting experience: participants are encouraged to bring their cameras for an interactive session in Luxembourg-Gare and Luxembourg City Centre.
3. Debrief and explanation of the process for next week

Part 2:

This segment involves a thorough review and discussion of participant photos. Each individual brings their selected photographs to the session, sparking insightful conversations and feedback.
Event Details
2 Days
Part 1: Sun 05.05. from 08:30 to 12:00
Part 2: Sat 11.05. from 09:30 to 11:30
Rotondes, Co:Work
150 € (adults) | 10 € (students)
English, French
suitable with wheelchairs - no stairs
a lot of walking possible
outdoors - dress appropriately