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OPENING EVENT | 18/05 | 18:00 – 21:00 | Galerie | open to the public


The Light Leaks Festival exhibition is the pilar of the annual festival. The expo showcases local and international talent, this includes members of the Luxembourg Streetphoto Collective as well as professional and artistic photographers and an international street photography collective.

The Youth Contest

Winner announcement | 21/05 | 16:00 | Galerie

The Luxembourg Streetphoto Collective also continues its successful partnership with a local high school in order to foster young talent and spark an interest in the art of photography at a young age.

A jury will award a prize to three of the young photographers. The prize ceremony takes place on Sunday the 21. of may at 16:00 in the exhibition space.

The exhibition is open to all visitors for free during the festival opening hours.

Opening hours:

Thursday6PM – 9PM
Friday5PM – 8PM
Saturday9:30 AM – 7PM
Sunday1PM – 6PM

The 2023 Exhibitors

Vincenzo Barone, Olivier Thull, Tom Herz, Patrick Hoffmann, Dirk Mevis, Steve Eastwood, Andrés Lejona, Through The Lands Collective, Giulia Thinnes, Marc Wilwert, Olivier Remera, Eric Engel, Viktor Wittal, Jeannine Unsen, Paulo Lobo, Véronique Kolber, Massica Bentahar, Liz Lambert, Tom Weis, Marc Schroeder, Christian Aschman, Gilles Kayser, Lycée technique des arts et métiers.