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Winner announcement | 21/05/23 | 16:00 | Galerie


One of the most popular events at our annual festival, the Open Wall gives everyone an opportunity to be part of the festival exhibit. Bring up to five prints and stick them on our Open Wall. At the end of the festival a winner will be chosen by our jury from all the pictures exhibited.

The winners of the OPEN WALL CONTEST will be announced on Sunday 21st in the Gallery of the Rotondes at 16:00 and our sponsor Librairie Ernster will provide the prizes!

Opening hours:

Thursday 6PM -9PM
Friday5PM – 8PM
Saturday9:30PM -7PM
Sunday1PM -4PM

Open Wall Rules

Max. 5 paper print-outs, no larger than DINA4, with full name and contact details on the back of each picture.

Photos must be picked up on Sunday 21st after the announcement of the winners.
Any pictures not retrieved by then will be removed and disposed of.

Pictures can be added anytime during opening hours of the exhibition using the provided glue pads and only to the dedicated wall. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OTHER KIND OF GLUE!

Open Wall Contest Deadline: May 20th 18:00. Pictures added to the wall after this deadline are not eligible for the contest.

Anyone can participate but only original work by submitting photographers and pictures falling under the category of Street Photography are eligible.